Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An ode to the great

A falling leaf
A blackening rose
Tonight we grief
For we depart from the perfect host
Few gather to honor his legacy
Few gather to honor his memory
The Great Gatsby
We sat and drank your wine
We talk and ate your bread
But when it came time
We stayed at home instead
A gentlemen to the end
Gave his life to defend
The honor of the one
Who caused him nothing but pain
Not the flower
But the one with the power
To be sweet and all so sour
Who he thought of in his final hour
To be label a coward.....
He was self made man
It brings sorrow to stand
Where he stood
Why do people has to be so cruel
You would offer all your jewels
To them
You were a humble host
We should all toast
The parties of oh so delight
That were the town's highlight
Life is but a cruel joke
To have everything
But missing a small piece
And like a true last piece
It choose to hide and be out of reach
So I look out to the beach
And looked at what you so desperately seek
The hand of a woman
That you spent a lifetime to proven
That you were her one true love
But now you watch us from above

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Stop, and take a break
So you could analyze
So you can recognize
If this is fate
Don't consider this fake
Time is passing you by
It's like life got kicked into overdrive
Now you have to decide tonight
If you're going to start
Trying to fight
To keep your life
From falling apart
Life is an open path
But it bestows upon you a not so simple task
To see if you could last
If you could gather all your skills and mask
Some form of protective cast
Some take this challenge by stepping on the gas
For some fear of being last
It is not a race
It is a test to see
If you have what it takes
To have the courage to say
I am me
I am no disgrace
My skills are my armour
My dreams are getting larger
So are you up for the test?
You better make hace
Keep up with the pace
Because it's all up to you
For god's sake